Landcent’s research comprises of not just basic research and development on field and in the laboratory, but also has strategic and applied research intended at controlling and eradicating malaria worldwide. Our efforts are coordinated with the China Academy of Sciences, an institution in China, functioning as the national scientific think tank and academic governing body, providing advisory and appraisal services on issues stemming from social development, science and technology progress. It is the world’s largest research organization, comprising over 60,000 researchers working in 114 institutes and has been consistently ranked among the top research organizations around the world. The company’s long-term plans are centered on the development of technologies for the prevention of Tuberculosis (TB) & HIV/AIDS.

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Our R&D team serves as the backbone for new product innovations and constant development to put an end to Malaria. Our lab holds the latest equipment and we possess more than 8 patents in the industry. 2 invention patents and 6 utility patents from ‘The State Intellectual Property Office of China.’

Our researchers’ are putting their best foot forward to witness a major breakthrough in fighting Malaria.


Kick-Starts Operations

Landcent established by Huali (Danny) Lin and Arun Prabhu with a vision to be a game-changer in the field of Malaria and to be rooted as a powerhouse of disease prevention by creating effective tools.


Commences Discussions with WHO

Malaria prevention and eradication discussions commenced with the WHO, as part of an extensive Malaria approach.



Engaged in Screening and Evaluation of Compounds in partnership with Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, China Academy of Sciences.


First Qualified Products & Patents

Achieved MVP, first patent application and collaboration with Donghua University.


Hi-Tech Certification & Partnership with SIOC

Acquired China National Hi-Tech Enterprise Certificate and collaborated with the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, responsible for the discovery of Artemisinin.


Creates a Tech Hub

Obtained Pre-A investment from China CSC Group and initiated the ‘Landcent Engineering and Technology Center’. A joint Lab with the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry was also set up.


Anti-Malarial Pills Come into Action

Accredited with WHO GCDPP membership. Officially ventured into the pharmaceutical arena and initiated the development of anti-malarial pills and repellent range.


Plunges into Field Trials and EU Presence

Started Field Trials and Toxicology Reviews for products in the WHO approval process; Conducted comprehensive clinical investigation on the Anti-Malarial pill. Landcent Europe B.V. incorporated.


Successful Completion of Semi-Field Trials

Product validated in real-time field setting for the first time with residual effect of 17 -22 months, twice as much as any other product in the market.


Active Ingredient Discovery

Secured the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant for an innovative project on the discovery of active ingredient from entirely natural compounds.


Recognition on a Global Scale

Recognized as a Global Finalist (Winner) of the Accelerate2030. A program founded by UNDP and Impact Hub Geneva.


WHO Dossier Development

Preparation of data from Vector Control Phase I, II & III trials with collaborating laboratories in East Africa, West Africa & Asia.


WHO Dossier Submission

Submission of data package to the WHO for items in WHO development pipeline.


WHO Approval and Market Entry

Receive WHO Pre-Qualification for Bednets – NeoNet 2.0™, Anti-Malarial Pill – Codispaq™ & IRS – Durus™.


Market Expansion

Target sales growth and plan for scaling up of market share to at least 15 countries by 4Q 2025.


Market Expansion

Target sales growth and plan for scaling up of market share to at least 30 countries by 4Q 2026

The Future – In the coming years, Landcent will further march towards a global expansion of Malaria control, develop long-term measures to eliminate the disease, embrace multiple inventions and continually fight for 100% Malaria eradication – better lives, better world and a better everyday.