Indoor Residual Spraying

Indoor residual spraying (IRS) is a powerful intervention to rapidly reduce adult mosquito vector density and longevity. The effectiveness of IRS as a malaria control intervention arises from the fact that many important malaria vectors are endophilic (tends to inhabit/rest indoors). Due to the rapid growing vector resistance to pyrethroid insecticide, there is an urgent need to bring to the market next generation Non-Pyrethroid, Long Lasting IRS solutions. Identifying this need, Landcent has developed a Next Generation IRS product that is currently in review by the World Health Organization.

Landcent Spray has the following key features:

  • Storage Stability improved by CS micro-encapsulation.
  • IRS residue effect at 6 months.
  • Micro-capsules ensure low toxicity.
  • A potential candidate for NGenIRS.
  • Lesser Resistance compared to Pyrethroids.
  • Microencapsulated formulation that works on a slow-release technology.
  • Long lasting insecticidal effect: Current product in market lasts 2-4 months. Landcent’s product targets 6-8 months.