Anti-Malarial Pills for Prevention of Malaria

Malaria prevention by use of preventive therapies with a combination of anti-malarial drugs were recommended by WHO to be administered to the most ‘at-risk’ groups who are children under 5 years and Pregnant women. These programs are commonly referred to as “Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention” (SMC) and “Intermittent Preventive Treatment of malaria in pregnancy” (IPTp). The currently recommended combination of anti-malarial drugs for SMC remains efficacious. However, there is still an estimated gap of 12 to 18 million children who could benefit from the SMC program mainly due to the limited capacity of WHO Pre-Qualified manufacturers of the product. Our Landcent anti-malaria pill that is currently in the development pipeline with an expected market entry in 2020 will help alleviate this gap between the demand and supply, ultimately contributing towards the vision of a Malaria-free world by 2040.

  • Pill that provides protection against malaria for a complete 30 days for children less than 5 years.
  • Can also be used for pregnant women under the IPTp program.
  • Proven public health value of reducing malaria rates by more than 50% in most of the implemented countries.
  • Inexpensive, safe and effective (approximately US $100 per case averted and $3300 per child under-5 death averted based on a study from a programmed implementation setting)