Established in the year 2011, Landcent (China) Industrial Development Co.Ltd. engages in comprehensive R&D of Malaria prevention products to fulfill the mission of eradicating this disease and to develop products in sync with WHO’s malaria prevention strategy. These products are to be used by the vulnerable population across the globe.


‘Efficient and Sustainable Malaria Control to Save Lives’


“To Create a Malaria-Free World”

Being true to our vision, our ultimate quest is towards
Saving Lives & Creating Healthier Communities. In all of
our activities we remain focused on our vision.

Life is priceless, more so a healthy one. Protecting and
preserving it is a noble cause especially from a disease
that is preventable – This is our driving factor.


“Develop, Produce and Deliver quality and
affordable Malaria Prevention products through
sustainable technologies.”

Develop : Our R&D initiative is fully focused on
development of innovative malaria prevention products.

Produce : Our primary objective is to produce efficient
Malaria prevention products through sustainable
manufacturing solutions.

Deliver : Our Hi-Tech manufacturing capabilities guarantee
timely delivery of dependable yet affordable malaria
prevention products.

Our unique and integrated approach to tackling malaria helps deliver cost-effective products. In addition to this, our understanding, hands-on findings and research results are effectively communicated in order to contribute to the coordinated improvement of Malaria Prevention. Our work in this arena for the past 8 years has enabled us to earn WHO GCDPP (Global Collaboration for Development of Pesticide Products) membership.

Harmonization with other stakeholders through our work is primary to our approach and we take pride in working closely with communities, governments and both local and international organizations.